Famous idols Yang Hyunsuk lost: Rain, Park Bo Gum, Chungha, Wendy (Red Velvet)…?

In the latest preview of the live show “YG Treasure Box,” Yang Hyun Suk expressed regret over many trainees who now has become KPop’s bright stars.

On November 16th, a new teaser of the live show to find YG’s new male group was revealed. In the video, apart from the two trainees from group B, Jang Yunseo and Yoon Jaehyuk, President Yang Hyun Suk also appeared, saying, “As I said, I will bring appearance into consideration from now.

Not only that, but YG’s boss also revealed that he regretted missing out on Rain and Park Bo Gum, who had also auditioned for YG Entertainment in the past. “Daddy Yang” pityingly shared, “Rain has auditioned for our company but failed.” However, he made the audience surprised when revealed: “I regret most to miss out on Park Bo Gum.”

Bi Rain
Actor Park Bo Gum used to be in YG with 2AM’s ballad “This Song”, but the acting career seemed to be a better path for him.

Not only Park Bo Gum and Rain, but YG also shared about the bright stars in Kpop that they had missed including Wendy (Red Velvet), Crush, Chungha, and Honey Lee – the one that “Daddy Yang” was “regretted missing out on the most“. Yang Hyun Suk also promised, “I will never lose those talents again“.


This made the audience excited and questioned, what if Wendy, Chungha or Crush did not follow the current path and still be one of YG artists?

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