Famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović collaborated with Tiktoker Khaby Lime to make a parody of “Squid Game”

It is true that after watching Netflix’s hit drama “Squid Game”, anyone would definitely think of trying this game at least once.

Recently, people have found out the way to win the ‘Glass Bridge’ game, the one with the lowest survival rate among all games in this drama. ‘Crossing the Glass Bridge’ is a game in which players have to choose wisely, step on the glass panes that could be made of regular glass or tempered glass, and cross the bridge within 16 minutes only. If the players don’t finish the game within the given time or fail to step on the tempered glass panes, they will be killed by getting dropped off to the ground.

On November 2nd, Tiktoker Khaby Lame, who has 100 million followers on Tiktok and 54.5 million followers on Instagram, uploaded a video of him crossing the “Squid Game” glass bridge. Khaby Lame’s unexpected winning method was that he passed through the end of the bridge by stepping on the frames instead of the glass panes. Then he faced the game host wearing a triangle mask and posed some weird gestures expressing his joy of winning the game.

However, the game host suddenly grabbed Khaby’s shoulder and took off his mask. Surprisingly, the masked man turned out to be the world-class football player Zlatan Ibrahimović of AC Milan. Seeing Zlatan’s fierce face, Khaby stepped back, then fell down and was eliminated from the game. Then, Zlatan made a pathetic pose after checking if Khaby had already dropped to the bottom and the video ended here.

In response to the funny video, netizens showed various reactions, such as, “Look at the size of Zlatan’s hands. You’ll die getting hit by those hands”, “Wait, is this similar to hidden camera prank in Korea?”, “Khaby Lime must be really tall since the height gap between him and Zlatan is not too big.”

In fact, the game hosts in “Squid Game’ will be killed right away if they take off their masks. There is also an exception that the person to be killed, the VIP, and other people can only take off their masks and disclose their identities when they meet each other as 1:1. However, in the case of Zlatan, there were numerous players behind Khaby, so if this were in the real drama, he would have been killed immediately.


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