Famous director shared about Wu Yifan’s personality through their collaboration and his reaction to Wu’s scandal

The shock scandal of Kris Wu caused the Vietnamese male director take aback.

All of this time, Chinese media has been shaken by the sex scandal of former EXO member Kris Wu, also known as Wu Yifan. Accordingly, a girl named Du Meizhu stood up to denounce a series of his shocking private life stories. Currently, Wu Yifan has been in criminal detention because of this noisy series. If it’s true that he is guilty of rape, the male singer can be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. This scandal made many people disappointed because Wu Yifan was previously a famous talented artist and has a huge fan base.

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Amidst mixed opinions from netizens, recently an art director and producer Vincent Tran exclusively shared with kenh14 about this incident. Accordingly, this Vietnamese-born director had the opportunity to collaborate with Wu Yifan as well as many world-famous artists such as Fan Bingbing, football player Neymar, rapper Tyga, Victoria Secret angel Stella Maxwell,… The male director revealed that when he met and collaborated with Wu Yifan in California, he had a good impression because of the sociable and friendly personality of the popular male singer.

Full sharing of art director Vincent Tran:

Not long ago, I had an opportunity to collab with Wu Yifan for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam magazine. The photoshoot took place in Hollywood, California.

The process went very smoothly. Wu Yifan came to the filming with my manager. I still remember that day, he dressed in a very youthful and simple outfit. When he entered, he politely introduced himself and shook hands with everyone. Unlike other big stars, Wu Yifan was not demanding, has no strict or difficult requirements for the team. He was also very outgoing that he chatted with all the crew members, and shared that his great passion was supercars.

Wu Yifan said he liked to take his supercar to go out and often go to Las Vegas. He said he was also keen on gambling, but when he lost, he knew it’s time to stop. He revealed that the purpose he was going to Vegas was to drive super cars. Wu Yifan also shared that he had a home in Los Angeles, but he often lived in Beijing because there were more movie projects in Beijing. Especially in this Covid-19 pandemic, Wu Yifan had to quarantine in Beijing for 14 days.

Wu Yifan shared a lot about his work, got along with the crew. The photoshoot gave me a lot of good impressions of him. Although I have worked with many famous Chinese stars, it is the first time that I see a Chinese star so cheerful, sociable, and comfortable to share his life with others. As usual, they would not like to talk about their life and also rarely share or talk much with the team. After the photoshoot, Wu Yifan’s manager asked for the team’s phone numbers to keep in contact because he said he liked the team very much and wanted to collab again if there’s an opportunity.

After learning about Wu Yifan’s suspicions and that he was arrested, I was really surprised, shocked, and couldn’t believe it. I’ll also wait for everything to be investigated clearly.

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Director Vincent Tran once had the opportunity to work with Kris Wu
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