Famous broadcaster exposed former manager, “He stole my money and secretly took photos of my chest to threaten me”

Kim Mi Ryeo revealed a shocking story about her former manager.

Broadcaster Kim Mi Ryeo showed up in a video uploaded on the Youtube channel ‘CONSO’ on April 22nd and revealed shocking behind-the-scenes stories.

 When asked when she earned the most from the MBC gag show she appeared on, Kim Mi Ryeo said, “I can’t remember because it’s been a long time. I could probably have earned more but my manager took my money”.

Choi Sung Min asked, “Since you did so well, you must have received around 50 million to 100 million won per month, right?”, Kim Mi Ryeo responded, “The highest amount I received was about 30 million won”. Nam Ho Yeon reacted, “Why didn’t you file a lawsuit?”, Kim Mi Ryeo said, “There was a big accident”, then made the second disclosure.

Famous broadcaster exposed former manager

As Kim Mi Ryeo tried to mention the real name of her manager at that time. Nam Ho Yeon wondered, “Is it okay if you mention the manager’s name? Is that person still working in the entertainment industry?”. Kim Mi Ryeo replied, “I don’t know”. 

The female broadcaster said, “I was so mad at that XXX”, revealing that the manager asked her to do breast reduction surgery. 

She continued, “I did get counseling though. I when to the counseling center and had to take off my top to take a picture. The doctor looked at my chest and told me that I didn’t need to do surgery”, adding “Later, while we were going home in the car, the manager suddenly showed me a picture. He really took a photo of my chest.”

amous broadcaster exposed former manager

Kim Mi Ryeo then forced the manager to delete the picture but added that the manager not only took the appearance fees of her and some other people but also did not pay back the money he borrowed from her.

Kim Mi Ryeo said, “Many years have passed. Now I realized that he took the photo to threaten me if I kept asking him to pay me back”. Nam Ho Yeon reacted, “Can you contact him? It’s almost a crime. Shouldn’t you contact that person and solve the incident?”. In response, the female broadcaster said, “I don’t have his contact. The resolution of the photo on an old 2G phone is not good either”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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