Famous all over the world after 5 years, how has BTS grown over the time?

The journey from rebellious hip-hop boys to being well-rounded in both talent and appearance of them is admirable.

BTS is the male idol group debuted in 2013 under a not very well known entertainment company, Bighit. Since not being under the Big3, BTS received little attention and expectations from fans. But now, after 5 years in their career, the name BTS is not only covered throughout Asia but also spread to the fastidious music market as the United States, England, …

Five year of a Kpop group is not short or long, but seeing what the boys have achieved was a spectacular journey. The decade has also witnessed the change, the growth of all seven members in the surprise but also full of pride of fans.


Prior to renaming to RM, the first stage name of BTS leader was “Rap Monster”. Debuting as a leader and rapper, the male idol, born in 1994, impressed people by the hip-hop image, which attached to his curly hair and rebellious black sunglasses. However, at that time, RM also received a lot of denial from netizens because they think that his appearance is not suitable for idol.

The leader of BTS debuted with a cool image, but still quite young

From the early days, the leader quickly wrote songs for the group like “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”. After five years, the collection of songs under the name of RM has reached an impressive number – 110 tracks. The male idol also released his solo products in 2015 and 2018. If his mixtape was hip hop in 2015, the second release is the clear proof for the strong transformation in RM. Deep songs such as “Forever Rain”, “Seoul” or “Tokyo” reflect the artist and matured person of RM.

RM has a remarkable ability in composing music

But that’s not all that matters when it comes to the leader of BTS. The worldwide popularity of BTS has made RM not only the representative of the group but also a global ambassador of Korea. As the leader and spokesperson for BTS, RM is often the one who gives out speech, such as the speech at the United Nations that has stirred the hearts of Korean fans.

RM is becoming more well-rounded in appearance and talent


Looking at the oldest member of BTS after 5 years of debut, many fans felt that it was hard to believe that Jin had debuted with a hip-hop concept as in “No More Dream”. At the beginning, Jin was considered a “dance black hole” of BTS, so he often stood only in the back when it came to BTS’ challenging dance moves. Besides, Jin was also not that outstanding in the vocal line of the group.

Jin is considered the “black hole” of BTS during debut days

Now, Jin is not only known as a handsome man in the world because of the optimism, humor and hard work, the male idol born in 1992 has also significantly improved his dancing skills. Jin also rarely raps but his solo song like “Epiphany” gave his beautiful voice the chance to shine.

Jin’s dance move has improved markedly


Debut as a rapper like RM, Suga’s new image is also strong and rebellious. Despite his small body but his talent is significant. So far, Suga has nearly 80 songs copyrighted, including the songs in his mixtape “Agust D” released in 2016.

Suga’s debut

In particular, Suga’s songs are aimed at exploiting complex psychological problems, even the struggle with depression and anxiety that the rapper himself experienced. Although Suga’s music role in BTS has not changed much since 2013, his recent solo songs like “Seesaw” have helped fans recognize the rapper’s great vocal ability.

“Seesaw” – Suga (BTS)

Suga’s writing skills have also been recognized in recent years. The male idol won the “Hot Trend Award” for the song “Wine” in 2017.


Of all the members, J-Hope has one of the most drastic changes in terms of image, especially his image on stage. J-Hope debuted with a tough, fierce appearance, concealing his friendly and loving smile.

J-Hope’s debut

Now, J-Hope alwaysappears energetic and brings joyful atmosphere wherever he appears. J-hopeintroduces herself as the hope of the group, the angel of the ARMY, and reallyreceived the love of millions of fans.

J-Hope always brings a cheerful and friendly atmosphere to the fans

J-Hope has always been one of BTS’ dance and rap masters. So far, J-Hope has released a mixtape”Hope World” in March 2018. Like RM and Suga, he also has a surprising number of self-composed songs (78 songs). 

MV ‘Airplane’ – J-Hope (BTS)


Although debut with the cool concept, it seems that such a concept cannot overshadow the cute image of Jimin after the debut. In addition, thanks to outstanding dance skills, Jimin was soon given the difficult dance part of “Bulletproof Pt. 2”.

Jimin’s childlike face the debut MV
Jimin was soon to undertake difficult dance moves

It is not difficult to recognize the big change in both appearance and talent of Jimin after 5 years of working in the industry. One of the biggest changes that ARMY sees in Jimin’s 2013 and 2018 is his confidence. Through hard work, the male idol has overcome the complexity and singing ability to make a great progress.

Jimin is famous for twocompletely opposite sides on the stage and in real life. On the stage, Jimin’sseductive charm makes the whole Korean and international fans go crazy morethan just being cute and friendly in the real world. His vocal performanceimproved significantly during his comeback, and Jimin received more lines andalways excelled in his duties.

Jimin with cute expressions in life …
… but very charming on stage.


When looking at theimage of V’s debut and present days, it’s hard for fans to believe that it’sthe same person. It seems that the current attractive image of the guy has”the most beautiful face in the world” fit better with the newhip-hop style debut.

V’s debut

If V of 2013 is quite naive, then 2018, V has become the master of the duality and expression changing in the blink of an eye.

The expression on the male idol face always shocked fans

Most of all, the mostamazing thing is that his voice is getting better and better and this is alsorecognized by the fans. That warm, seductive voice surprised the fans a lot,especially when listening to the songs of V.

MV “Singularity” – V (BTS)


“Goldenmaknae” has the most changes throughout the years, even the mostdeficient. However, it was understandable because when he debuted, Jungkook wasonly 17 years old and had a short trainee period. Young and talented in bothvocal and dance, the male idol soon took over the main roles, including themain dancer and the center of the group.

Jungkook’s cute face when he debuted

Pretty similar to hisbrother Jimin, from a cute boy with a childlike face, Jungkook has become moreattractive than ever. The 22-year-old idol is always on the stage and ready tomake viewers go crazy thanks to his body, charm and the ability to sing live.

Even the most passionate fans also had a heart attack when suddenly look back to the old “Golden maknae”
Fancam “Euphoria” – Jungkook (BTS)

Five years with a lot of spectacular changes and also countless desirable achievements, however, what makes fans always love BTS is mainly because of the modesty and efforts of all seven boys. Despite its global popularity, the Bighit’s boy group has always expressed a humble and friendly attitude towards people.

The road ahead is longand challenging, but with the talent and great personality of BTS, it is surethat the group will continue to succeed, contributing to the promotion of morespecial musical productions.

Source: k14

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