Facing with too many competitors, will Red Velvet get PAK with this comeback?

Red Velvet’s new song couldn’t top #1 on charts because there were too many competitors.

Yesterday (30/11), the girl group Red Velvet made their comeback with the 5th mini album “Really Bad Boy”. Same as the last times, Red Velvet’s music is praised for being artistry, the song’s arrangement is really good, however it is still a bit unfit with the overall music taste, people have to listen to the song so many times to feel the “vibe” of it.

It was so unlucky for Red Velvet, this SM’s girl group made their comeback to the KPOP market right in the “hot” time. The ranking battle now on iChart is still severe and the top rank belongs to Song Mino with “Fiancé”. Following right after Mino is “SOLO” of Jennie, the song that have been slaying the music charts during these times.

It seems like iChart rankings didn’t change a lot after the releasing of Red Velvet’s album. At first, “Really Bad Boy” got #1 Bugs, #2 Genie, #3 Soribada, #7 MelOn, #13 Mnet, #15 Naver. Until 10.30AM, 1/12, Red Velvet stopped at the 10th rank on iChart. With this situation, not to mention about PAK, even getting AK is hard for Red Velvet.


Last August, Red Velvet did had a really successful comeback with “Power Up”, it brought them their first PAK and it was also the first PAK that SM Entertainment had ever received. It was an unimaginable success to Red Velvet when their music is still assessed as hard to listen. Even though the digital achievement was not as good as “Power Up”, Red Velvet’s performance at Music Bank did received lots of compliment for the choreography and their performing skills becoming much more in sync and sharper than before.

Sources: tinnhac

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