“Extreme Job” director Lee Byeong-hun to release a new drama called “Alice, the Ultimate Weapon”… The content is extraordinary

Director Lee Byeong-hun, who made a big hit with movie “Extreme Job”, will take a new challenge with drama “Alice, the Ultimate Weapon” this time.

Watcha recently released the first teaser video for new original series “Alice, the Ultimate Weapon” on its official Youtube on June 2nd.

“Alice, the Ultimate Weapon” is a hardcore action romance that depicts the bloody school life of Gyeo-ul (Park Se-wan), a transfer student who has to hide her identity as a killer, and Yeo-reum (Song Gun-hee), who dominates the school with non-violence, being chased by a criminal organization.

ultimate weapon alice

The released teaser video begins with Yeo-reum who gets hit relentlessly by the school bullies, drawing attention. However, Yeo-reum adds laughter by making a counterattack with non-violence as he keeps saying “Hit me one more time”. 

ultimate weapon alice

Gyeo-ul appears when she accidentally sees Yeo-reum being in danger and cannot ignore him. However, her appearance is unusual. Gyeo-ul is a killer who has to hide her identity but she can’t suppress her sense of justice so she saves Yeo-reum by exercising her killer instinct. Gyeo-ul and Yeo-reum later meet again as classmates and a pink mood appears between the two.

ultimate weapon alice

However, the atmosphere changes in an instant as the phrases “Only the pattern is pink”, and “A bloody pursuit begins” appear. In particular, the killer Spicy (Kim Tae-hoon) raises the tension to the highest level by saying “I missed you, Alice” with a mad smile.

ultimate weapon alice

“Alice, the Ultimate Weapon”, which will make the viewers go back and forth between pink and bloody moods, consists of 8 episodes in total. “Director Lee Byeong-hun is drawing attention for challenging a series that is marked “teenager restricted” with “Alice, the Ultimate Weapon”, following the 2018 drama “What a Man Wants”.

Source: wikitree

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