Another miracle of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”… All the lead actors were listed in the cast topicality category

All the main characters of the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” were listed in the cast topicality rankings.

According to Good Data TV Topicality Drama Rankings in the first week of July, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” topped the list for 2 consecutive weeks.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ranked first in all the four elements that make up topicality: news, VON (Voice of net), SNS and video. In particular, Park Eun-bin, who plays Woo Young-woo, took first place in the cast topicality category, while Kang Tae-oh, Joo Hyun-young and Kang Ki-young ranked 2nd, 4th and 8th, respectively.

extraordinary Attorney Woo

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” recorded a viewership rating of 4% in episode 3 (broadcast on July 5th), surpassing all terrestrial Wednesday-Thursday dramas. (Provided by Nielsen Korea) In addition, episode 4 (broadcast on July 6th) recorded a viewership rating of 5.2%, surpassing even Monday-Tuesday dramas.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” goes beyond viewership ratings and is also occupying OTT services. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is currently being released globally through KT’s OTT and Netflix partnership.

extraordinary Attorney Woo

As of July 12th, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been solidifying its No.1 position since entering Netflix Korea’s top 10 series. In addition, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” maintained Netflix Global’s top 10, indicating that it is receiving great love from global viewers.

The secret to the popularity of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” begins with lead actress Park Eun-bin’s excellent acting. Park Eun-bin tried to perfect her acting as a person with autism. She aroused sympathy from viewers through delicate acting, which she learned and felt herself, without imitating other people’s acting.

extraordinary attorney woo

Kang Ki-young and his role – attorney Jung Myung-seok – are also drawing attention. In the drama, attorney Jung Myung-seok is a person who knows how to admit his mistakes. He is a gentleman who cares about not only Woo Young-woo but also his team.

Kang Ki Young once again lives up to his nickname “the king of Ad-Lib” and shows his acting prowess in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. This is clearly shown in several scenes where his character interacted with the female lead Woo Young Woo.

extraordinary attorney woo

Kang Tae Oh, who is Kang Ki Young’s character, nicely complements Woo Young Woo’s lovely charms. Through his attempts to understand the unique world of the female lead, Kang Tae Oh proves to be a character who observes and sees people without prejudice.

Meanwhile, actress Joo Hyun Young, with her brilliant comedic acting previously shown on SNL, portrayed a character that helps to brighten the atmosphere in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. As Dong Geurami, the female lead’s best friend, Joo Hyun Young oozes the aura of acceptance, wildness, and comfort.

extraordinary attorney woo

Alongside the cast, the popularity of Woo Young Woo can also be credited to the high-quality and natural CGI of whales, an image which plays an important role in the K-drama. In addition, the production crew also waited a year to cast actress Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo, who later delivered an unparalleled, realistic, and enjoyable performance.

All cast members of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” are receiving high attention and popularity, while the series promises to further impress the audience with future exciting and gripping stories.

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