Explanation for the metaphorical images in WANNA ONE’s ‘Spring Breeze’ MV

Many pictures in the MV before the group disbanded have positive meaning and towards the future.

MV Spring Breeze – WANNA ONE

WANNA ONE released the final MV before the disbandment on December 31st

WANNA ONE had officially released their final album titled “1¹¹ = 1: Power Of Destiny” along with the title song “Spring Breeze”. The final comeback of the 11 members was important to the group as well as fans because it was a goodbye before the group disband. The MV also marked the last time the 11 boys stood in the same stage.

The MV started with Min Hyun‘s image dropping the ring into the water. Earlier, in “Promise You” MV, the ring appeared at the end of the MV as a promise of the group to fans: “We will be together forever.” In “Spring Breeze” MV, the ring once again appears but is no longer held in the hand. This shows, the previous promise of 11 members with fans could not hold.

“We met like a miracle, it seemed like a dream, as soon as I closed my eyes, the picture was so clear, I still regretted not being able to love you more even though it was not what I want. I want to be with you.” – The lyrics are what the group wants to express to fans. Although they do not want to, they still have to accept the fact that they are going to leave forever.

The moment the members were having fun in the MV reminded fans of the recording time for the reality show “WANNA ONE GO: Zero Base”. This is the place where the members are able to play together, which excited fans.

The members also recall each other memorable moments when being together. The lyrics are also shared by the group: “Going through a long tunnel, we will see briliant light. We will feel warm memories together.”

This time title song focuses on the vocals, the members who are in charge of rap also express their voices in this song. The choreography in the chorus also make the audience feel like it was the boys’ feelings: “We will meet again when the spring comes back, I will smile again when spring comes back. I will hug you once again when the spring breeze comes. When the spring breeze comes.. “

The image of cherry blossoms falling through “Spring Breeze” MV left a special impression and expressed special meaning because this kind of flower is only short-lived, but when it blooms, it is the best time of the year. This is similar to the relationship between WANNA ONE and Wannables (the fandom’s name).

The images of the 11 members smiling at the end of the MV is a message to fans not to be sad because breaking up does not mean ending.

The colorful scenes match the feelings for their last comeback. Half of the MV were scenes where members enjoy time together. This implies their affection will stick, lasting forever. Although they do not work together, they will always be close friends.

The door that Daniel goes through have all the members of WANNA ONE on the other side is the idea that the members want to send: A new beginning for all of the members of WANNA ONE. The end is to open a brighter future.

WANNA ONE also left the last message with a tape image with “low battery,” meaning that time that members and Wannables are together had now came to an end. It is said that although the group has disbanded but the feelings between the members, with fans and with their music will remain forever.

On November 22nd, on the special stage of Mnet, WANNA ONE held their last showcase to thank the fans for their support. In addition to their previous hit performances, the group specially prepared stage for the song “Spring Breeze” for the first time. The group will officially say goodbye to the audience at their last concert in January 2019.

Source: Zing

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