EXO’s Chen reveals his daughter’s first birthday photo

The photo of EXO Chen’s daughter on her first birthday has been released.

On 25 April, a photo of Chen’s daughter’s first birthday party appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Simply’.

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On the same day, Sports Khan reported that the couple held their daughter’s first birthday party at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on April 24.

“Lee Ki Ja Simply” channel released a photo and shared that: “I got a picture through a subscriber. We can see that they must be a happy family.” 

In the photo, Chen is wearing a gray-toned hanbok and revealing his soft charm. His short hair catches the eye of people. He was on vacation during his military service to attend the first birthday party of his daughter.

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“Lee Ki Ja Simply” channel revealed “Her wife created a bright atmosphere with beige and pink tones.Chen’s daughter showed off her cute appearance in a pink hanbok.” Only a few family members and acquaintances attended this birthday party.

The Shilla Hotel’s Yeong Bin Gwan, where the first birthday party was held, often holds banquets rather than large events. It is also the place where domestic top celebrities such as Jang Dong Gun, Go So Young, Jeon Ji Hyun, Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Jae Seok held their weddings.

Meanwhile, Chen has been loved by fans around the world with numerous hit songs since his debut as the group EXO in 2012.

Chen shared the news of his marriage and the information of his girlfriend’s pregnancy in January of last year. On 29 April of that year, she gave birth to the child.

Chen later joined the military in October of the same year and is fulfilling his military service.

Source: Daum

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