EXO set a record of more than 10 million album sales in Korea

EXO, the K-Pop King, set a record of more than 10 million album sales in Korea, achieving quintuple million sales.


The album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, released on November 2, has recorded 1,179,997 sales (as of November 11). As a result, EXO has exceeded 1 million of 5 regular albums from regular 1st to 5th album, proving to be the best players in the world, as well as the quintuple million sellers.

With this album, EXO has also achieved a record of 10 million copies of the albums which have been released since their debut, with 1~5 albums, 1~2 mini album, and 20 albums sold in Korea.

In particular, it is the first time that a singer, EXO, who debuted in the 2000s has gained the accumulated sales of 10 million records, showing that EXO has been highly loved by music fans.

In addition, the fifth album has swept various chart titles, including the first places in 47 different regions, the first position in the United World Chart, the top in the Chinese Xiami Music Chart, and the number one in music broadcasting, etc.

Source: naver

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