EXO-L fandom has stood up against SM Entertainment to protect EXO?

This action of EXO-Ls is considered to be appropriate to benefit the promotion activities of EXO.

Recently, EXO’s biggest Korean fansite called EXO_LAB officially announced that they would boycott and also urged other EXO-Ls not to buy EXO-related merchandises manufactured by SM Entertainment. Particularly, the fansite is aiming to boycott items such as necklaces, rings, keychains, and bracelets which are being sold by SM until EXO returns with the repackage album.

This is considered to be a good action for the time being as SM continually rescheduled EXO’s comeback. EXO only recently came back with “Do not Mess Up My Tempo” after a very long time. Netizens also seem to be in favor of this action of EXO_LAB:

  • “Yes, SM specializes in producing weird EXO-related items for profit only, without caring about the boys’ activities.”
  • “SM should take care of their artists better than the merchandises.”
  • “Even Baekhyun and Sehun also advised fans not to buy too many goods from SM.”
  • “EXO-Ls need EXO’s comebacks more than the new goods which are being released non-stop.”

EXO_LAB – EXO’s largest fansite in Korea posted a message about their boycotting of EXO products produced by SM until the group comes back again.

This is considered to be EXO-Ls’ tough act to protect EXO. What do you think about this?

Sources: kenh14

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