EXO-L expressed their outrage at the possible manipulation of Inkigayo list for incoming show

EXO’s fandom is demanding justice with hashtag #EXO_서포터즈비리_공론화 as there might be a manipulation of Inkigayo attendance list

EXO has just made their comeback with the latest album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo“. For the promotion period, it’s natural that the idol group will perform and promote on many different stations, which creates more chances for the fans to see and watch the performance in the pre-recorded sessions.

However, recently, EXO-Ls are outraged at a possible manipulation of the attendance list for the incoming Inkigayo show. There have been rumors from EXO-L that the supporters of the show added more names to the list as they wish.

More specifically, EXO-L applied for Inkigayo‘s pre-recorded stage last Friday and the final list was uploaded on Saturday. A lot of fans were excited as they found their names on the list. However, suddenly, many more names were added to the list without any notification. Therefore, fans are doubting that these are the names of the supporter’s acquaintances. The problem of the music station’s staffs letting their acquaintance taking the seats of fans stirred up a heated topic among EXO-L and fans are demanding for feedback:

A Korean EXO-L shared the suspection

“We found evidence of suspected manipulation on the Inkigayo list and we cannot stand still. The list is compiled by Supporters.

We will make a public discussion of the suspected manipulation.

I hope this will correct the disadvantages we are receiving.

I’d like you to help overseas fans, too

they found so much things after digging into this…the same person actually manipulate pre recording list, concert and birthday party ticketing…when other fans can only get through after 0:01 second, this person got through 0:00 s which is impossible”

The hashtag #EXO_서포터즈비리_공론화 regarding the incident is trending and there have been many responsesfrom not only K-netizens but also from International fans. This action has angered so many fans. While thefans have to wait and try very hard to get the tickets, some privileged peoplecan just walk right in. Will Inkigayo respond to the manipulation of EXO-Ls before the incoming show is recorded?

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