EXO-L boycotts SuperM, Kai and Baekhyun have the lowest album sales among the members

The surprisingly low physical sales of Kai and Baekhyun shows the wrath of EXO-L towards the group SuperM.

SuperM is a new boy group introduced by SM. Different from their previous projects, SuperM is a team made up by the hottest male idols: Taemin, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, Baekhyun, Kai, Mark. With this project, SM is hoping for a successful American dream to compete with other strong rivals in the U.S. If SuperM is successful, SM will be able to strengthen their power even more. This boy group will soon have their American debut amid the curiosity of many K-Pop fans.

However, ever since the first news about them, SuperM has been hindered by criticism, especially from individual fandoms of the members. The strongest disagreement must be from EXO-L, who are waiting for the solo projects of EXO and not seeing their idols joining a new group. The news about this new group even came up when Baekhyun just finished his solo debut promotion and Kai still hasn’t received any solo album, which infuriates fan even more.


Moreover, SM is said to try to make money from fans by making different editions for SuperM’s first album. Many fans declare that they will not support this project by not buying any album, even if it is their favorite member’s edition. As a result, members who are well-known for their impressive physical sales like Baekhyun and Kai ends up having very low pre-order sales. The main vocal of EXO is even in the last place among 7 members. On the other hand, Ten and Taeyong have the highest pre-order sales. This information surprises everyone because Baekhyun’s recent solo album “City Light” did reach 550.000 copies sold.


Netizens are not surprised about this, because this is the result for not respecting fans’ opinion: “Lots of EXO-L don’t support this group, including me”, “Fighting, whatever happens, EXO is still the best-selling group of SM”, “EXO is really not that popular internationally”, “Many EXO-L are boycotting this project. Kai and Baekhyun’s fans haven’t even started any group buy projects”, “Isn’t this because the fans are boycotting this group?”…

Source: tinnhac

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