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EXO Kai gets emotional after winning No.1 on Music Core, “Thank you so much, EXO-L and SM staff”

EXO Kai won 1st place on the weekly music show “Music Core” with his new solo album’s title song “Rover”.

On the March 25th broadcast of MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, EXO Kai held the trophy for winning No.2 in the 4th week of March.

kai exo

On this day, BSS’s “Fighting”, StayC’s “Teddy Bear” and Kai’s “Rover” were nominated for first place. As a result, Kai was announced as the winner.

Kai’s new solo song “Rover” is about being a free wanderer without caring bout people’s gaze.

Receiving the trophy after the winner announcement, Kai said, “Thank you so much. This is all thanks to EXO-L (EXO’s fandom). I’m very happy to share this with you all”.

He added, “I also want to thank SM staff. I love my family, and thank you so much EXO-L”.

kai exo

He then promised, “I will always try to be a singer Kai who humbly repays the love I receive”.

Meanwhile, “Show! Music Core” also featured performances of Bobby, Kim Jae Hwan, NMIXX, Juju Secret, Nicole, Navi, Ulala Session, Ye Eun, Cherry Bullet, Cravity, ICHILLIN’, KINGDOM, and TAN.

Source: Nate

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