EXO is officially back with Don’t Fight The Feeling

SM Ent’s boy group – EXO officially makes their comeback with a 7-member lineup, deliveries a vibrant summer-vibe song. 

At exactly 6 pm on June 7 (KST), EXO officially returned with the special album “Don’t Fight The Feeling” and the MV for the title song of the same name.  This is EXO’s first comeback after a year and a half hiatus since Obsession.

EXO delivered an extremely vibrant song, exploding with the summer atmosphere.  “Don’t fight the feeling” is a dance track with a refreshing rhythm and synth sounds and a heavy bass. The lyrics written by hitmaker Kenzie highlight the charisma of the youth and encourages the listener to believe in themselves and speed ahead toward the future when they are faced with difficult decisions in life. In particular, Don’t Fight The Feeling has an extremely catchy melody, different from other songs of SM groups.  In the MV, the members “show off” as much as they can, but also don’t forget to perform beautiful choreography.

Because they are in the process of performing their military service, Suho and Chen cannot participate in this comeback.  However, the most special is the appearance of Lay.  The only Chinese member of EXO surprisingly reunited with the group after nearly 3 years.  Although the prolonged Covid-19 epidemic prevented Lay from appearing directly with the members, SM cleverly put his own segments into the MV.


Truly a special MV, EXO incorporates many details reminiscent of the group’s different era.  Don’t Fight The Feeling is truly a special gift that EXO gives fans in the 10th year of operation.


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