EXO Chen having a collaboration with Dynamic Duo right after his marriage announcement – are fans getting “silent treatment”?

EXO Chen, who announced his marriage through a hand letter is now having a collaboration with Dynamic Duo, and fans are not very happy about this.

On the 20th, the Dynamic Duo released a music video teaser for their song “Alone” on the official SNS of their agency company, which they collaborated with Chen.

The music video was shot in Sicily, Italy with the appearance of an old man and a young girl. The two walked around various places in their solitude and encountered each other in the subway.

It’s the second time the two have a collaboration since ‘nosedive’ in 2017. At that time, the song was ranked first on various music charts and was awarded the Best Collaboration Award in the 2017 MAMA.

However, the opinions of the EXO fandom – EXO-L are diverged with this news. Earlier, his announcement of marriage and pre-pregnancy was a big shock to fans and now still is a controversial topic.

The netizens, including the fans said “I know the collaboration was scheduled before, but that doesn’t make me less angry.” , “Chen please say something”, “Why collaboration now?”, “I will never listen to that song”, “He wants to continue with EXO and get married. Isn’t it catching two rabbits at the same time?” and “Oh, I am so so angry right now”.

On the other hand, other netizens say, “You can’t abandon a song you’ve already recorded.” “Chen really tried to catch both of the rabbits.” “Anyways the song is good”, “It’s not Dynamic Duo’s fault. And neither is the song’s.”,“ The best vocalist Kim Jong-dae”,…. sending their support comments like those.

DYNAMIC DUO and CHEN’s collaboration single ‘Alone’ will be available on various music sites at 6 pm on the 23rd.

Meanwhile, the EXO Fan Alliance (EXOLACE) recently held a protest asking Chen to leave the group.

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