EXO, BTS, and Wanna One all have “Tani”

The three groups, EXO, BTS, and Wanna One all have something in common. The names of their pets they grow are all Tani.

These are the cats of EXO Xiumin, Wanna One‘s agency, and BTS V‘s puppy. Let’s meet some Tani who show off their charms.

1.Xiumin‘s Tani: It is a cat that is raised in the main house. The species is a Norwegian forest. The appearance that looks so good exactly like Xiumin. Xiumin showed affection for his cat by uploading photos in Instagram.

Blunt eyes, fluffy feet, and fluffy fur. It is Xiumin‘s Tani with charm that can only be loved. Even a lying pose is charismatic.

2. BTS V‘s Tani: It is a puppy that is raised in the accommodation. It is the Blacktan Pomeranian. His real name means Briquettes, but it’s called Tani. It was made like briquettes and is called briquettes. What a lovely thing!

Tani with pale eyebrows. It’s like a doll. Not only V but also other members feel in love with Tani in this picture.

3. Wanna One‘s Tani: This is the puppy of YMC Entertainment, who was the agency of Wanna One. It is a Chihuahua. Its real name is “Yeontan (Briquette)”. It has the same name and nickname with BTS V‘s puppy. It is cute enough to fall with love with its eyes.

It’s the one who takes the love of all members. It looks very comfortable to look at. Tani has appeared in the pictures and advertisements with the members. Its dark eyes are shining.

Source: Dispatch

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