EXO Baek-hyun deleted all videos that were uploaded after his enlistment from his Youtube

Baek-hyun of EXO, who is serving in the military, has stopped uploading Youtube videos that he has recorded to upload once a month.

On 18 Nov, a notice from Baek-hyun’s agency SM Entertainment was posted on his Youtube channel. In the notice, the agency announced that it will suspend the content publication on Baek-hyun’s Youtube channel until the day he is discharged from the military.

EXO Baekyun deleted videos

The agency went on to explain, “In order to repay a little of the love you have been giving to Baek-hyun, we have been posting content that was filmed in advance to upload once a month during Baek-hyun’s enlistment.”

EXO Baekyun deleted videos

The agency announced that it had decided to delete all the uploaded content after Baek-hyun’s enlistment in order to prevent unexpected misunderstandings, although the act of uploading content that is filmed and produced before one’s enlistment is not illegal.

Currently, only videos that were uploaded before Baek-hyun’s enlistment remain on his Youtube channel. All of the videos uploaded after his enlistment have disappeared. Baek-hyun has been uploading pre-recorded videos once a month on his Youtube channel in care of the fans that might miss his empty spot after he left.

EXO Baekyun deleted videos

At that time, Baek-hyun said, “I promise to not let any of you guys feel empty, and I’m saying this as Baek-hyun, someone who keeps every word he said. My daily which has to temporarily be stopped will resume through various contents. I’m sure these contents will satisfy both the eyes and ears of you guys, which includes me reading books for you guys, letters, and ASMR.” he said, expressing his affection for his fans.

EXO Baekyun deleted videos

In fact, Baek-hyun has posted content such as “Slime ASMR”, “2020 Popular Food Mukbang”, and “Making Mongryong’s Snack” on his Youtube after his enlistment.

Some, however, seem to have filed a complaint, pointing out that he should not engage in any profit-making activity during his military service. Fans are expressing their regret, saying, “There are also many accounts who uploaded Youtube videos while serving in the military,” “He didn’t even apply for monetary for his Youtube channel,” and “He filmed everything before his enlistment though.”

EXO Baekyun deleted videos

Baek-hyun, who has been suffering from hypothyroidism since high school, is currently serving as a social service worker. In September, Baek-hyun shared on his SNS, “I’m not doing well because I miss you guys, but let meet again in a better way in our respective places.”

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