EXO announced their newest concert: 2 member will be absent, will Lay return?

Finally, SM has released the information regarding EXO’s concert in 2019.

On May 30th, EXO-L community has received many surprising news. Right after D.O. announced that he will get enlisted early, SM revealed the information for EXO’s 5th concert – the most awaiting things for EXO-L each year. Specifically, their #5 concert will be called “ExplOration” and will start in Seoul on the upcoming July 19th.

EXO’s #5 concert “ExplOration” will be opened in Soul on July 19th.

However, fans are sad that at the concert this time, there won’t be Xiumin and D.O. due to their military enlistment at the time. Right now, fans are hoping for Lay to return for this #5 concert after his absence at the #4 concert – The EℓyXiOn.

… and D.O. will be absent at the concert this time…
…that’s why fans are hoping for “The Sheep” Lay’s return.

Concert “EXO Planet #5 – ExplOration” will have 6 nights in Seoul. The 1st set will be from July 19th – 21st, and the 2nd will be from July 26th – 28th at the Seoul Olympuc Park KSPO DOME.

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