EXO and WANNA ONE’s comebacks in November: the battle of “Kings of Album Sales” from two generations

The Kpop battlefield is predicted to be extremely fierce with the comebacks of two powerful names: EXO vs WANNA ONE

Recently, EXO and WANNA ONE’s management agencies have confirmed the return of their groups in November. More specifically, EXO will have their comeback on November 2nd and WANNA ONE on November 19th. The comebacks of Kpop’s top two boygroups are expected to be huge as they are both number one groups in Kpop albums sales. Apart from BTS, who is currently an “album sales’ monster” in the entertainment markets, EXO and WANNA ONE are equally outstanding in albums sales, despite WANNA ONE’s 5-year-late-debut after EXO.

It can be said that the comeback of the two groups in November is very important to fans. With EXO, this is the first comeback of the group after a long absence and also the return of Lay in Korea after days of hard work in China. Therefore, the EXO-L community is doing all the hard work as well as saving up to help their idol break the previous sales record.

For WANNA ONE, this is probably the last time the group has promotion, as they are expected to disband by the end of 2018. Therefore, this album will be very meaningful to both the boys and fans. Wannable fan community will definitely make WANNA ONE’s last comeback successful and unforgettable.

EXO is still slightly better than WANNA ONE in album sales, but when it comes to digital charts, perhaps the advantage will belong to the 11 boys of Mnet. The reality show Produce 101, had been a solid background for WANNA ONE to earn great attention from the public ever since they debuted. Thus, WANNA ONE’s position on the chart is often higher after the group’s songs are released.

That’s enough for netizens to see how competitive the upcoming comebacks of EXO and WANNA ONE are going to be. Besides, there might be more hot topics to be discussed in the future between these two groups.

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