EXID “mocked” Hani’s bare face, netizens said that the group was ‘ungrateful’ to her!

Fans said it was a joke, but netizens still harshly criticized the other four members.

On November 21, EXID came back with new song “I Love You”.This is the group’s first comeback with all 5 members after more than two years Sol Ji pausing her activities to get treatment. In an interview, EXID chose LE to be the member with the most beautiful bare face of the group. Hye Rin said,”LE looks exactly like when she is without make-up, there is nodifference.” The other members also agreed: “She even looks morebeautiful. Her face is cute without make-up.”

The dispute occurred when Jung Hwa unexpectedly commented, “Hani with makeup looks better”, and Sol Ji added: “She looks like an old lady when she’s not wearing makeup.” It all seems to be a joke and Hani herself laughed at this comment.

However, Korean netizens are claiming that EXID is trying to disparage Hani and forgetting that she is the one who brought success to the group. EXID almost disbanded because of inefficient operation, not earning income for 3 years. Thanks to Hani’s fancam’s million views, the group is gradually getting noticed. Many argue that the members of EXID are jealous of Hani, trying to downgrade her.

The readers of Sport Today and Nate commented, “Jung Hwa is always saying such words. Don’t forget that Hani is the one who revived the group with the fancam”, “Hani is the most beautiful, even with her bare face.”, “What are they trying to say? Hani‘s bare face is just beautiful, even more beautiful than all of them.”, “Women are always jealous of each other. AOA members also said similar words to Seol Hyun“, “Do Hani and Sol Ji hate each other? Hani said that Sol Ji wears glowing underwear. Sol Ji said Hani is old without makeup … it’s enough to kill a group.”

In fact, fans of EXID are not too concerned about the comments as above. The “dissing” is a unique feature of the group, they repeatedly tease each other on the show without caring about their image, which proves that EXID has a close friendship rather than being jealous of each other like netizens imagine.

EXID’s dissing eachother on shows

Source: Ione

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