EXID Hani’s racy answer regarding her dating motto: “‘That’ chemistry is also important for maintaining a relationship”

“It’s totally fine to pursue a natural meeting relationship, too. The compatibility in ‘that field’ is very important.”

EXID member and actress Hani made a shocking remark along with the introduction of her acting work that there will be a bed scene beyond imagination.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Yong Jin Health Center” uploaded a video titled “Following the taboo talk, it’s the Health Center for adult only… What do you mean ‘Fantasy G Spot’? [Yong Jin Health Center EP 23. Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani), Park Seon Ho].” The episode featured co-actors Hani and Park Sun Ho.


In this episode, Gabee talked about people who only want to meet their dating partners through natural meetings, saying, “People are free to interpret this. There are many kinds of people who pursue ‘natural meeting’.”

When Park Sun Ho heard Gabee, he was trying to answer when Gabee asked him a surprise question, “Are you the type to sleep with your partner before dating?”


Park Sun Ho, who was flustered, tried to explain the situation by saying, “No, isn’t it that. I also looked for natural meetings,” but Hani said without hesitation, “But I think there’s nothing wrong with that.”


Hani then said, “The compatibility in ‘that field’ is also very important in maintaining a relationship,” expressing her thoughts on people who sleep with their partner before dating.

Gabee responded, “I like Hani so much. She’s so honest.” “Really,” Hani exclaimed, flustered for a moment before bursting into laughter, saying, “Am I being too much?”


About her upcoming drama “Fanta G Spot,” Hani replied, “It’s a romantic comedy, but also a rated R genre,” adding, “Its rating is the highest among 19-rated dramas. The bed scenes are more than you can even imagine,” she answered, drawing attention.

Regarding her character in the drama, Hani described, “My role is a woman who wants to feel an orgasm, but she can’t, so she tries masturbating. From the point of view of my character, she thinks others are more important than her, and I think women will sympathize with her a lot,” asking for the audience’s support in the drama.

Source: Sports Chosun

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