EVERGLOW Aisha’s school bully rumor turned out to be false, the agency to deal with the rumor spreader

The controversy over EVERGLOW Aisha’s school bully rumor turned out to be false. The netizen who spread false information submitted a letter of apology. The agency decided to drop the charges.

On Dec 7th, Yuehua Entertainment, the agency of EVERGLOW, officially announced that, “We have taken legal action against the two authors who posted false information and defamed Aisha on the online community. They have already admitted that the content they posted were false facts. They apologized for causing mental damage to not only the artist but also her families as well by defaming them and submitted a letter of apology,” they said.

“They conveyed their apology to Aisha and promised not to write false articles in the future. In response, we decided to notify the two of our intention not to punish them and withdraw our complaint,” the agency added. In addition, Yuehua Entertainment said, “We will continue to respond strongly without any leniency or agreement towards the act of spreading malicious posts and false information to protect the rights and interests of our artists.”

EVERGLOW Aisha school bully

Suspicions of Aisha‘s school violence arose in February. At that time, on an online community bulletin board, someone posted a disclosure claiming that Aisha was a bully at school. The author, who posted an article under the title of “Idol member AS born in 2000 was a bully at school”, also said in their comment, “The group name is EVG.” They then attached a picture of the graduation album of Gokban Middle School. Accordingly, netizens speculated that the subject of the disclosure post was EVERGLOW’s Aisha.

The author said, “I have been struggling so far with bad rumors because of A’s actions in middle school. A was the kind of gal to wear a mask during her school life in order to become a celebrity, and she was one of the school bullies,” they said. They then continued, “A’s harassment began when A’s close male friend and I started dating. A told me sexual remarks such as, “I’m OO’s ex-girlfriend, do you know how far have I done with him, we’ve XX already, but you haven’t yet?” At first, I ignored it, but it just got worse and worse” they said.

EVERGLOW Aisha school bully

At the same time, the author claimed that A suffered not only verbal violence but also physical violence. They claimed, “From tapping to hitting my neck, the violence got worse and worse.” As the disclosure began to spread widely, Yuehua Entertainment dismissed the controversy, calling it “groundless.” Aisha expressed her position through Yuehua Entertainment’s official announcement, “She doesn’t know who the writer is either. Please stop indiscriminate speculative reports and dissemination of false information whose authenticity has not been confirmed. If this continues, we will take strong action to protect our artists”.

Meanwhile, girl group Everglow, to which Aisha belongs, made its debut in March 2019. They have released many hit songs such as “DUN DUN,” “Adios”, and “LA DI DA”. On Dec 1st, they released their third mini-album “Return of The Girl” and are actively promoting their comeback.

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