Even though SM and JYP are teasing with their new videos, Cube’s drama successfully stole all the spotlight of the day.

Not many people show their interest in GOT7’s teaser or the EXO duo today just because of Cube’s drama.

On September 13th, the public were given a confusing day with the information about Cube removing HyunA and E’Dawn (PENTAGON) out of the company. On the same day, SM and JYP had also released new music videos for their artists. However, the two Kpop famous groups were defeated, and couldn’t be able to catch the attention of the public.

HyunA, E’Dawn and Cube are the main characters of Kpop fans today.

SM had uploaded the teaser for Chanyeol and Sehun (EXO)’s “We Young” MV of SM STATION. Besides, there was an introduction video for the new member of SMROOKIES, Hendery. JYP then also posted Mark’s solo video “On My Way”. Both SM and JYP were hardly noticed by the fans as the entire spotlight of the day went to Cube Entertainment’s drama. Let’s take a look at the new videos from JYP and SM’s male idol series!

Introduction video of Hendery.

“We Young” teaser video – Chanyeol & Sehun (EXO)

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