“Even their fingertips can dance”, SinB and Momo, who is the real dancing queen


TWICE’s Momo and G-Friend’s SinB are known for their amazing dancing skills. Both of them are the dancing queens of their groups. While Momo is famous for her powerful dances, SinB is loved for her unique dance line. This time, “Dancepatch” has collected their dancing images, so fans can see for themselves who the real dancing queen is.


First is TWICE’s Momo.

“Girlcrush on stage”
“I fell in love with her dance line”
“Even her fingertips can dance”
“Cuteness exploded”
“Her sexiness can squeeze you”

Next is G-Friend’s SinB

“We have to cherish her dance line”
“Isn’t she cute?”


“The attractiveness in her look”
“Difficult moves? Not a problem”

Source: Dispatch

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