Even during a performance, Momo (TWICE) still showed her professionalism

Momo (TWICE) encountered an accident regarding her outfit during a performance. The female idol has had to dance while holding her shirt collar.

Recently, a video recorded TWICE’s rehearsal went viral thanks to a post on Koreaboo. After watching this fancam, many are complimenting TWICE for their professionalism.

Specifically, TWICE has had a performance in Gwangju (South Korea) on the evening of April 28th. Due to this, the group had to rehearse since early morning. The video on the Internet recorded 9 members doing a rehearse for “Fancy” and “Yes Or Yes”.

Right from the first performance “Fancy”, fans noticed the detail where Momo couldn’t do the dance moves properly. Instead, the female idol had to use both hands to hold her collar while moving into formation.

Momo’s outfit was a croptop with a zipper to hold it up. In the video, it could clearly be seen that her croptop collar was falling down due to which she had to use her hand to prevent the top from falling.

The female idol needed more than 1 minute to tie back her top while trying to finish her dance and singing part.

Momo’s professionalism is complimented by fan community. This might have been just a rehearsal where Momo could have went backstage and asked the staff to help her. However, Momo had chosen to stay on the stage and fix the problem herself while finishing the rehearsal. After about 30 seconds with one hand holding up her top, Momo had finished fixing her outfit, relieved many fans watching the fancam.

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