“Eve” Seo Ye-ji chooses strong character + charisma acting as the way to overcome her controversies?

Seo Ye-ji is trying to overcome her controversies with acting. She seems to think that she can shake off her negative image by only acting, rather than an apology and self-reflection.

Seo Ye-ji is not the only one who chooses this method to gain success after controversies. Lee Byung-hun also achieved that difficult thing and he can now proudly say, “I can’t overcome it with acting”. Strangely, Lee Byung-hun’s presence seems to have been weakened in the ongoing drama “Our Blues”, but he has proved his unrivaled presence with his outstanding acting skills through many previous works.

Lee Byung-hun went through different stages, including apologizing and self-reflecting. Still, when the public’s negative view of his issue did not become less intense, he determined to focus on acting and was later successfully reborn as top actor Lee Byung-hun.

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Unlike Lee Byung-hun, Seo Ye-ji skipped the apologizing and self-reflecting steps in the procedure, which means she is aiming to be recognized through evaluations on acting. To achieve that result, the actress’ good acting is not enough. Her character is also important. She seems to believe that a shocking development with a strong character is what she needs at this moment.

In tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve”, Seo Ye-ji, who plays Lee Ra-el, made an extraordinary appearance in the scene where she dances the Tango with a Western man. The R-rated scene where Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun), CEO of LY Group, witnesses the hot scene of Lee Ra-el and her husband Jang Jin-wook (Lee Ha-yul), was also shocking. The fact that Seo Ye-ji’s character learned ballet and business administration was thoroughly designed for the revenge of her life.

seo ye-ji

“Eve” is a drama that tells the most intense and fatal determination of a woman who bets her life on revenge. The life of Lee Ra-el (played by Seo Ye-ji), who has carefully designed her revenge for 13 years, is drawing attention as she begins to take off her veil. Lee Ra-el has sharpened her blade of revenge targeting LY Group and the CEO (played by Park Byung-eun), who killed her father, a genius developer, then takes away the company.

– Not Lee Ra-el but “Kim Sun-bin” is her second name: It was revealed that Ra-el was living under another name Kim Sun-bin, which was also not her real name, raising the viewers’ curiosity. 

In the latest broadcast, Seo Eun-pyung (Lee Sang-yeop) found Ra-el in a photo taken while investigating people around Kang Yoon-gyeom to confirm Ra-el’s identity and visited her studio.

However, Ra-el introduced herself as “Kim Sun-bin,” and the names placed throughout the studio also included the name Kim Sun-bin, making it possible to expect that she had even changed her name for her revenge plan. However, Eun-pyung was convinced that Kim Sun-bin was Ra-el in the end, raising questions about whether he, who knows both Ra-el’s past and identity, would act as a variable for this revenge story.

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– Fake mother-daughter relationship with Jang Moon-hee: Ra-el drew attention for her fake mother-daughter relationship with Jang Moon-hee (Lee Il-hwa), not her real mother Kim Jin-sook (Kim Jung-young). Ra-el acts as if she were in a friendly mother-daughter relationship with Moon-hee not only in front of Eun-pyung but also in front of her husband Jang Jin-wook and daughter Jang Bo-ram (Kim Si-woo), but when they are alone, her 180 degrees change in attitude caught everyone’s attention.

Especially when Eun-pyung visited Ra-el, Moon-hee said, “We’ve been preparing for more than 10 years. No one should disturb us,” making the audience wonder why she participates in Rael’s revenge plan with a nervous mind that might cause problems in the revenge process. Meanwhile, Ra-el’s biological mother, Jin-sook, is missing because her resident registration has been revoked. As a result, questions are also being raised about whether Jin-sook, whose whereabouts are unknown, is alive or not.

– Tango+bandoneon and a marriage intended to avenge Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun): With the opening of Rael’s secret room filled with her plan for revenge, one wall attracted attention with photos of all the characters related to her revenge target connected like a spider web. Among them, what stood out was Yoon-gyeom and Ra-el’s husband Jin-wook in a photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011.

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Earlier, Ra-el began to penetrate Yoon-gyeom’s mind through tango, a representative dance, and bandoneon, a musical instrument that is played a lot in Argentina. This made the audience realize that tango and bandoneon were part of her revenge plan, while expecting that Ra-el knew in advance the relationship between Yoon-gyeom and Jin-wook. As a result, many are also curious over whether the reason for her marriage with her husband Jin-wook is also for revenge.

As such, “Eve” shows how Ra-el has been closely and carefully executing her plan since the first episode, raising questions about how far this plan has been designed. Above all, as the latest episode showed Yoon-gyeom began to feel an uncontrollable desire for Ra-el, viewers are now more interested in what developments will take place in the future. Also, can Seo Ye-ji be reborn through the role of Lee Ra-el?

Source: Daum

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