Epik High attacked YG with facts after leaving YG

Tablo said: “In YG, Epik High is just one of so many artists. There are too many smart people. There are more and more actors as well.” While looking back on the situation of Epik High, he still supported Yang Hyunsuk’s advancement into performing arts.

pann epik high yg

Yang Hyunsuk is the busiest entertainer in YG. He’s sorry for having so many schedules. He usually says: “I forgot to put up the poster. I was filming”. He thinks we’re working so hard and asks us to debut again. “I hope you will make your debut again as a star in the entertainment industry and become an entertainment blue chip.”

Souces: pann

[+326,-4] Yang Hyunsuk is always forcing YG’s singers to stop working during the broadcasting season… haha he did the same thing in Kpop Star and MIXNINE haha

[+320,-6] Before you get rid of the 28-year-old to retire, let him get your skin covered.

[+262,-1] Got it. Haha Yang Hyunsuk asked them to just make their debut again. It is really pathetic that the president of the company will say that he does not know when his artist appears on the broadcast. Aiguuu what a considerate CEO…

[+57,-0] During a year, the artists are busy in foreign countries, Yang Hyunsuk is busy in Korea

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