Enlist status of male idols born in 1992: Nearly half of them enlisted, the rest are expected to enlist soon.

In South Korea, all men are required to enlist in compulsory military service for up to 22 months, depending on their military branch. 

Active duty soldiers serve 18 months in the army or Marine Corps, 20 months in the navy, and 22 months in the Air Force. Male citizens can delay their service until age 28, but some choose to enlist as young as 18.

Let’s take a look at the list of Kpop male idols born in 1992 and their military service status by May 2020 (in order of birthdate)!

(O): Scheduled to be enlisted/Serving in the army

(X): No schedule for enlistment

January 11: Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER) (O)

Entering the army on April 16 (Community service worker)

February 11: Kim Dong Jun (ZE: A) (X)

February 26: Feeldog (BIGSTAR / UNB) (O)

Enlist on April 6

March 7: Im Hyun Sik (BTOB) (O)

Enlist on May 11

March 13: L (INFINITE) (X)

March 20: Sandeul (B1A4) (X)

April 6: Ken (VIXX) (O)

Expected to enlist in July

April 9: U-Kwon (Block B) (O)

Expected to enlist on May 18

April 17: Jinho (PENTAGON) (O)

Enlist on May 11

May 6: Baekhyun (EXO) (X)

June 18: Shownu (MONSTA X) (X)

June 21: J.Seph (KARD) (X)

July 8: Park Kyung (Block B) (X)

August 21: Song Seung Hyun (F.T.Island) (O)

Enlist on April 27

September 5: Baro (B1A4) (O)

Entered the army on July 30, 2019

September 14: Zico (Block B) (X)

September 21: Chen (EXO) (X)

October 31: Lee Seunghyub (N.Flying) (X)

November 4: C.A.P (Teen Top) (X)

November 11: Choi Min Hwan (F.T.Island) (O)

Enlist on February 24 (Full-time reserve soldiers)

November 27: Chanyeol (EXO) (X)

December 4: Jin (BTS) (X)

It can be seen that it is only May 2020 but nearly half of the male idols born in 1992 have confirmed their enlistment (or serving now in the army). As expected, the rest will also have to stop their activities soon to fulfill their military service to the country this year or, at the latest, by early next year.

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