Emperor Mino debuts with a flawless MV for “Fiancé”

Have you watched Song Mino’s debut MV?

After the long wait, finally the MV for “Fiancé,” which marked the debut of the Winner member – Song Mino has been officially released. The rap song mesmerised fans by its catchy melody and YG style.

MV Fiancé – Song Mino

Fiancé is the title track of Mino’s solo album titled “XX“, which includes a total of 12 songs. Mino is the lyricist and producer of all songs from his debut album. Besides the melody, “Fiancé” also makes viewers excited for its colorful “party” from wild, ancient to modern colors.

With this debut, the YG idol has proved his talent and charisma and is ready to fight with strong opponents who are also coming back at the same time as he does on the chart. Now, if his fans work hard to increase views for the MV, they can definitely wait for the first win of this talented artist.

Source: Saostar

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