Elon Musk’s girlfriend tells the story of wanting to collab but indirectly admits that Jennie is dating G-Dragon!

Billionaire Elon Musk’s girlfriend had the opportunity to make the internet go into craziness when she wanted Jennie to ask the leader of BIGBANG for a collaboration.

On June 27, the life partner of the world’s richest billionaire Elon Musk, Canadian singer Grimes, posted a video on her personal TikTok. Surprisingly, the video caught the attention of Kpop fans because the album One Of A Kind by G-Dragon appeared in her pocket.


apparently babies love Choreography – must be sum kinda core evolutionary human desire ?? #shinigami #baby #choreography ! #grimes

♬ Shinigami Eyes by Grimes – Warnymph

Many people have shown great interest in Grimes’ video and acknowledged that she must be a genuine V.I.P (BIGBANG‘s fandom). Previously, the Canadian vocalist was known as a “hard fan” of G-Dragon. She once revealed that G-Dragon is the biggest inspiration for her artistic career.

However, what surprised viewers the most, was that when asked by a fan, “We need a G-Dragon collab asap”, Grimes replied, “Actually ur inspiring me to bother GD… Jennie knows him I should ask her to plz poke him maybe Omg”.

Although it was just a joke, Grimes excited fans by recalling the dating rumors of G-Dragon and Jennie (BLACKPINK). Grimes must have known about G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship, so she dared to ask for collaboration, right?

Instead of collaborating with G-Dragon, please collaborate with Jennie.

Please don’t drag Jennie into this anymore. She’s really under a lot of pressure.

I would like to see Grimes collaborate with Jennie.

I think if this is true, Jennie must be very awkward.

Tell Jennie to ask for G-Dragon’s comeback.

Previously, on July 26, Grimes stunned the online community when posting photos taken with her friend Jennie on the occasion when Jennie and Rosé went to the US to prepare for new music projects.

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