Ellie Goulding will collaborate with Red Velvet to create a new super hit?

This information is making all the fans of Ellie Goulding Red Velvet extremely excited.

Recently, it’s rumored on the social network that Red Velvet will have a collaboration with Ellie Goulding – the owner of the hit song “Love Me Like You Do”. The girl group from SM Entertainment will contribute in the remix version of “Close To Me”, produced by the “music wizard” Diplo. This the song that Ellie Goulding released 4 months ago.

Ellie Goulding and Red Velvet will together creat a new hit?

This collaboration of Red Velvet and Ellie Goulding surprised many people because the two sides barely had any relationship with each other. However, Red Velvet is expected to bring a refreshing and fresh vibe to the remix of “Close To Me”.

According to some sources, the remix version of “Close To Me” will be released on April 5. Although Ellie Goulding and Red Velvet did not officially announced, this information has spread rapidly on social networks. A number of well-known DJs in the United States are also “dropping hints” for the collaboration between Red Velvet and Ellie Goulding, making the public believe that this is the truth.

The famous DJ in the US “giving hints” about the combination

Red Velvet is included in the information section of “Close To Me” remix version.

Ellie Goulding is best known for the song “Love Me Like You Do” (soundtrack for “Fifty Shades of Gray). Many hope that this collab between the British singer and Red Velvet will be huge success, creating a global effect.

Sources: k14

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