ELFs are furious at ARMYs’ gathering at Peru airport to scream BTS’s names in front of Super Junior

This incident has stirred up a fierce controversy between the two fandoms, who were already hostile towards each other before.

On April 22th (local time), the members of Super Junior were present at Peru airport to prepare for their concert within “Super Show 7” tour. This was their second destination in the tour around South America. Even though the concert ended successfully, the fans have passed on some bad news about the moment that Super Junior appeared at Peru airport.
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Everything started when there were many posts on Twitter by Peruvian ELFs sharing the information about the fact that some ARMYs came to the airport to welcome Super Junior but… these ARMYs were shouting the names of BTS and this boygroup’s members. These posts were translated into English after that by some international fans, and immediately, a raging controversy between ELF and ARMY was triggered.

On social media, ELFs has expressed their terrible anger against some ARMYs’ behaviors. They assumed that shouting another boygroup’s names right in front of Super Junior members and their fans was extremely impolite. Many people even used the words such as “ill-mannered”, “graceless”,… when mentioning ARMY.

However, on BTS fandom’s side, ARMYs didn’t ignore so easily when their fandom was criticized in all over the place. Many ARMYs debated that ELFs accused them angrily while there has not been any clear evidence such as fancam or video. They supposed that if everything just started because of some unclear twitter posts without any photo or video, all the fandoms might have become the sinners in such situation.

ELFs immediately argued that ARMYs screaming BTS’s names was totally unexpected, therefore no Super Junior fan could deal with this incident promptly to record those moments. Many asserted that because the number of ARMYs in this situation was not so great to surpass ELFs’ sound, ARMY’s shouting was barely heard via fancam, it was only able to be reported by peoples standing nearby.Moreover, the fact that there were many Peruvian ELFs talking about this at the same time proved this incident, since it was impossible for so many people to blame on the same fandom like that.

Although there was no fancam about above situation, ELFs kept spreading the photo which was considered as the evidence for ARMY’s “gracelessness” in the incident.
ELFs are furious at ARMYs’ gather at Peru airport to scream BTS’s names in front of Super Junior

Until now, there has not been any photo or video that can be evident for above information. Yet, the serious conflict between ELF and ARMY had already began on social media.
What do you think about this argument, which is related to the fandoms of ELF and ARMY?

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