Elementary school in Busan sends newsletter to parents after serious school violence done due to Squid Game’s traditional games

Many minors are still watching Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game” despite the fact that it is rated R, which is raising concerns.

At the end of October, an elementary school in Busan sent a newsletter to the students’ families titled “Concerns of school violence cases that impersonate specific media”. The document did not directly refer to “Squid Game“. It just indirectly hinted at cases in which playing turns into violence as students imitate the games in the drama.

Squid Game caused violence

In particular, the school emphasized that media viewing which does not meet the age-restricted rating standards should be prohibited. “Squid Game” is not allowed to be watched by teenagers in Korea due to its sensationality and violence. In some overseas countries, this content can be viewed by those aged 16 or older.

Squid Game caused violence

However, it is not uncommon to hear reviews that minors have encountered “Squid Game”. Concerns are growing as the side effects of this become reality now. The above-mentioned elementary school was also concerned about the negative impacts. Specifically, they mentioned cases such as beating friends who were eliminated while playing “Red Light Green Light” or slapping those who lost the game “Ttakji Chigi” (paper slapping). At a mom cafe, there was also a review that children watched “Squid Game” on their mobile phones during school time.

Squid Game caused violence

Netizens showed reactions such as “Why do you install Netflix on elementary school students’ mobile phones?”, “The teacher is always in the classroom. Does this story make sense?”, “Please control your children carefully”…


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