Dua Lipa reveals the reason why she chose BLACKPINK for the collaboration

Dua Lipa has shared her thoughts about her collaboration track with BLACKPINK, “Kiss and Make Up”.

Dua Lipa is a famous singer in the US – UK market, and BLACKPINK is one of the most influential girlgroups in Asia. As soon as the news about Dua Lipa teaming up with BLACKPINK for the song “Kiss and Make Up” was revealed, a lot of fan went excited.

Before the new song is officially released on October 19th, Dua Lipa has recently shared about the opportunity to meet and work with the girls of BLACKPINK.

Dua Lipa

Dua was looking for artists to record new songs for a long time until she met BLACKPINK at her own concert. To be specific, she said, “It was going to be the first song for my album and I wanted it to be a collaboration, but I couldn’t find a proper home for it and I didn’t know who I wanted to do it with.”

“When I went to Seoul, Jennie and Lisa from BLACKPINK came to my concert. I met them and we went out together. We got on really well. I thought I should send the song to BLACKPINK and see if they would be into joining it… They translated some of the song into Korean and that was how this collaboration started”, the singer said.

Jennie and Lisa attended Dua Lipa’s concert in Seoul

Source: kenh14

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