DSP Media announced A’s handwritten apology letter to April’s Lee Na-eun, who was falsely accused of school bullying

A, who claimed to have been bullied by Lee Na-eun, a member of the group April, officially admitted to spreading false information and issued an apology.

On January 7th, DSP Media, April’s agency, released A’s handwritten apology on its official website along with the results of the investigation into Lee Na-eun‘s school violence controversy in March.

The agency said, “We confirmed sufficient evidence to prove that the contents of A’s post were false and submitted it to the investigation agency, and after months of investigation, the police admitted that A was suspected of defamation due to the spread of false information and sent her to the prosecution.”

April Lee Na-eun

It is reported that A is reflecting on her mistakes and has conveyed her intention to apologize to Lee Na-eun. A has delivered her handwritten apology letter to Lee Na-eun and decided to withdraw her lawsuit.

The agency said, “With unchanging support, we now deliver this fact to fans who have been waiting for such a long time,” adding, “We emphasize once again that we will respond without leniency to any act of generating and disseminating rumors with groundless false facts.”

April Lee Na-eun

In an apology released together, A confessed, “The contents of the article that I claimed to be true are all false, and no victims exist, including me, and Lee Na-eun is not a perpetrator of school violence.”

April Lee Na-eun

The person then said, “Compared to me, who was quiet and had no presence in elementary school, I envied Lee Na-eun for hanging out with young friends and always acting bright and active, which is why I wrote a article full of fake truth, as if it were something I had experienced.”

Although they know their fault won’t disappear even if properly taken care of, the person still bow their head to apologize, “I’m sorry,” saying that because of this incident, they realized that even a very small lie could cause great damage.

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