Drake will appear on MBC Music hip-hop variety program ‘Target : Billboard – KILL BILL’

World pop star Drake will appear in a Korean entertainment program ‘Target: Billboard – Kill Bill’, a collaboration with DOK2 is also expected.

The program is a format in which Korean Hip Hop artists hold the hands of global pop stars and challenge the Billboard music chart. It should be called a ‘project’ rather than a ‘foolish dream’ because of the collaboration of hip-hop artists in Korea and real world stars.

If Mnet’s ‘Show Me The Money’, which is currently being broadcasted, has national scale, then ‘Kill Bill’ is on international level. The program is expected to hit the Billboard main chart with hip hop in the own home of hip hop.

There is already a ‘superstars’ lineup ahead, boosting audiences’ expectations. The first artist to announce the entry is Korea’s representative hip-hop label Illionaire Records’ DOK2, who is also known as Gonzo. Just being able to watch the stage of DOK2, who was called “Rap Alpha Go” every week on TV is going to make the show famous enough to steal the hearts of hip-hop fans.

A total of seven artists, including DOK2, will be competing on stage and “Kill Bill” will air the stages and quality contests every week. The final winner of “Kill Bill” aims to conquer the Billboard charts through the collaboration with international artists from around the world.

Meanwhile, ‘Target: Billboard – KILL BILL’ will start its first broadcast in November through MBC Music, MBC every1 and MBC drama.

Sources: chosun

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