Dr. Kim Jong-myung said on “Video Star”: “Irene -Yoona – Jennie is the cosmetic surgery trend Best 3”

Dr. Kim Jong-myung recently talked about the most popular beauties in the industry of plastic surgery.

In MBC’s “Video Star” aired on May 7, plastic surgeon Kim Jong-myung picked the latest beauty trend of plastic surgery.

Kim Jong-myung, a plastic surgeon and the brother of singer Kim Jong-kook, talked about female celebrities whom women often used as an ideal face to base on before having plastic surgery.

The third place Kim Jong-myung mentioned is BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Many patients want the unique color in Jennie’s monolid eyes. Second place is Yoona, a traditional beauty figure, and first place is Red Velvet Irene, a beauty with clear and distinct facial features.

Source: nate

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