“Don’t be fooled by actor K’s image”, a new netizen claimed to be actor K’s college alumni joins the war

Amid the controversy over actor Kim Seon-ho’s private life, another netizen claiming to be his college alumni decided to get engaged in the war.

On the 21st, an article titled “I’m an alumnus of actor K’s university (+I’ve posted the evidence)” was uploaded on the online community Nate pann. The author of the article said, “Seeing him become a rising star and succeed, I’ve cheered for him from a distance while trying to forget his past image and sincerely hope that he does well as his college alumni. His personality problems seem to have exploded these days. I wonder why it took so long for his personality to be exposed like this. I even feel relieved,” they said.

OP continued, The K actor right now with the honest and hard-working image is totally different from the K actor I knew in the past. When he was in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Seoul Insititute of Arts, he liked alcohol, liked clubs, and played around with girls a lot like he is still now. He easily lost his temper, maybe because of his strong self-esteem. There have been many times when I need to stop them from starting a fistfight because he tended to widen his eyes and swear at his colleagues and use his fist when someone else does not agree with him during work,” they claimed.

OP then said, “Because of his big build and his inability to control himself whenever he got angry, we were so scared that we often did what he wanted. “It must be because of his sensitive personality, because he was kinda greedy, and even if we tried to think positively, all his works had to be tailored to his selfish behavior, which usually led to other students majoring in acting often didn’t get good grades.”

“If there was a friend he didn’t like, he tended to belittle, isolate and badmouth that person. He had such a serious habit that if a friend he hated touched him, he acted as if he had touched some kind of insect and tried to pick a fight.”

Finally, OP shared, “What you see is not everything. Don’t be fooled by the nice and friendly image of actor K. I’m well aware that he’s going to show his face on TV and participate in broadcasts again as a rising star as if nothing had happened. I think it’s also meaningful to share episodes one by one, so I’ll stop here today.” Besides, OP attached a Seoul Institute of the Arts graduation album for proof.

However, netizens left various negative comments such as “I also have that kind of proof photo”, “I also have alumni among my acquaintances, but they would certainly remain silent in situations like this”, “You are saying that you would reveal one by one every time you appear? You’re so evil”, “Shouldn’t you tell us your school year at Seoul Institute of the Arts first?”, “You couldn’t even speak in front of him, and now you do this?”, “I guess you have an inferiority complex”…

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