A Seoul National University doctor-turned-Youtuber is facing a backlash for criticizing the appearances of female doctors

On September 26th, Hamchun Women’s Association, which consists of female doctors graduating from Seoul National University, announced a statement denouncing doctor A for criticizing the appearances of their fellow female doctors.

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Hamchun Women’s Association stated, “Even though doctor A is operating the channel under the name of his alma mater, he has repeatedly created and broadcast content that publicly disparages and ridicules the appearances of fellow medical personnel, especially women. Nowadays, when portrait and personal information rights exist, the dignity of medical personnel was still damaged as he kept exposing the real names and photos of female colleagues as well as senior and junior doctors to the public without their consent for his personal interests”. They then suggested deleting all the controversial Youtube videos.

seoul medical university

However, doctor A released a position, saying that he would not delete related videos nor hesitate to engage in battle in court. Rather, he said that he would proceed with a complaint against some female doctors from Seoul National University who cursed at him after watching the videos.

Earlier, doctor A shared some anecdotes about when he was studying at the Medical School of Seoul National University on his Youtube channel. In particular, he divided the female students’ appearances into grades, from A to C. He also made rude comments about women’s appearances, such as “In Grade C, there are also C+ and C-”, “Every time I saw her, she just looked ugly in a new way”, etc.

seoul medical university

He explained by showing photos of real people, calling them “Sung Yu-ri of Seoul National University’s College of Medicine”, and also mentioning real names of real people several times. In a video uploaded in March, he also said, “I’m sorry but B and I went to the same med school and I don’t think she’s that pretty”, adding “Objectively, she can be considered pretty. But compared to C and D, B’s appearance is 3 or 4 grades lower”. 

Source: wikitree

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