“Doctor Cha” last episode preview: Kim Byung Chul stamps divorce paper, Uhm Jung Hwa in the operating room

Will JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” has a happy ending?

At the end of episode 15 of JTBC’s weekend series “Doctor Cha”, which aired on June 3rd, the preview of episode 16 (last episode) was released.

In the preview, Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk) asked Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) to accept his liver transplant proposal, saying “Please give me a chance to save you, teacher”.


Cha Jung Sook left a tearful letter to her children, saying “One day, even if mom is not by your side anymore, I will still always protect you”.

Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) stamped the divorce paper and said, “I’ll agree to divorce you. I won’t hold on to you desperately. So get the surgery. That’s the only way to live.”


In addition, the last scene of the preview showed Cha Jung Sook lying in the operating room.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Doctor Cha” will end after releasing its last episode at 10:30 p.m. on June 4th.

Source: Nate

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