Do you realize that special thing in NCT127’s new MV?

NCT 127’s comeback song was notable not only for the handsome boys, but also because of a factor that appeared for the first time in SM history.

Recently, NCT 127 has comeback with “Regular” with 2 versions in English and Korean. The English version was first revealed and immediately made fans go crazy because of beautiful scene, handsome members and perfect choreography. However, what makes netizens particularly noticeable is the appearance of English subtitles in the MV.

Previously, SM had not added any subtitles to any of the MVs of their artists. So, this exception has become the factor that makes the MV of NCT 127 more outstanding. Most of the fans are satisfied with SM’s thoughtfulness but few people find it difficult to understand why previous Korean and Japanese MVs are not subtitled while an MV in English got ones?

SM broke the rules with NCT127’s MV
The group’s MV is also interesting because the scene is very impressive and beautiful.

Here are some comments from netizens:

-“The first time SM added English subtitles to an English MV version, it’s like they were afraid we did not understand what the group was singing.”

“SM added English subtitles while the song was in English … anyway thank you”.

-“To SM: Please add subtitles to the previous music videos? That would be very helpful to international fans.”

-“The only reason they add subtitles is because the lyrics mislead people at 0:25.”

-“They just want to make sure we do not misunderstand the lyrics.”

Sources: k14

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