Do you know that this is the thing that only TWICE can do in the past 3 years?

TWICE has proven their “class” in digital music chart that no group can be able to do.

On November 10, TWICE has officially gained Perfect All-Kill (PAK) on iChart (No. 1 on all real-time and daily charts on 6 music sites and iChart). Therefore, in the past three years since the Kpop boom in 2016, TWICE has owned at least one PAK hit every year: “Cheer Up” and “TT” in 2016, “Knock Knock” in 2017, and “Yes or Yes” in 2018.

“Cheer Up” and “TT” reached PAK in 2016.
“Knock Knock” in 2017.
“Yes or Yes” in 2018.

“Yes or Yes”‘s PAK is not the only thing that made the fans proud as TWICE is also the only idol group that has continuously hit PAK for the past three years. This also proves their class in digital music market. Although TWICE has been listed among the top Kpop groups, but from their debut until now, the group has many come back just to have more opportunities to meet fans. And in return for the efforts and hard work of the girls are the achievements that no idol group has been able to do in Kpop.

Congratulations to TWICE and their fandom!

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