DJ Snake will collab with Lisa to create a super hit?

So after a series of very stressful drama days, netizens and Kpop fan all over the world can finally receive good news. 

Temporarily put aside the fatigue from endless dramas surrounding Seo Yeji during the past few days.  Recently, the international community has received a piece of very desirable information from BlackPink – the current top girl group in KPop.

Accordingly, it is likely that in the near future, Lisa will collaborate with Dj Snake to create a super hit in the international music market.

Dj Snake is known as a “music witch” who has collaborated with many famous singers such as CardiB, Selena Gomez, … and created a lot of hits. As for Lisa, recently there have been a lot of rumours about her solo debut this June.

When Dj Snake was asked by a fan what he thought if he combined with Lisa, Dj Snake just answered briefly: “we have something”.

Up to now, it has not been confirmed, whether there will be a collab between two talented characters in the international music market.  But from the previous rumour and the actions of the insiders themselves, the fan community can fully hope for an explosive combination in the near future.

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