Dispatch once announced a famous couple on April Fools’ Day: Thought it was a “prank”, but it turned out to be a truth

This Kpop idol couple has proved that not all news released on April Fool’s Day is just a “prank”.

In addition to the “traditional” January 1, April 1 is also a good opportunity for Dispatch to “expose” some couples’ dating stories.  At 0:00 on April 1 this year, netizens were shocked by the news that Wendy (Red Velvet) and RM (BTS) were dating.  Eventually, this information was verified as a joke.

LHowever, before that, a couple was revealed by Dispatch on April Fool’s Day.  And that is the famous idol couple – EXO Kai and f(x) Krystal.  On this day 5 years ago, people were shocked when Dispatch released photos of two young idols dating.

Accordingly, Kai and Krystal started a relationship from the beginning of 2016, after nearly 10 years as friends.  A series of photos of the two was recorded by Dispatch on February 17, 2016, after Kai returned to Korea from a tour.  The couple had dinner at a restaurant in Gangbuk, the favorite place of Jessica and Krystal.

The newspaper also revealed that Kai and Krystal always tried to spend time together despite busy schedules.  On March 1, Dispatch continued to hunt some pictures of the couple meeting after Kai returned from Indonesia and Krystal moved from Japan to Korea.  Immediately after the news was published, SM Entertainment confirmed that the two artists had fallen in love after a long time as friends.  A series of sweet dating pictures of the couple born in 1994 have also been revealed.

The public at that time had a heated debate about Kai – Krystal’s relationship.  Both have a clean private life without scandal, have similar styles, and are popular Kpop fashion icons. They also once had a “dreamlike” magazine photo shoot together. However, at that time, they did not receive support from fans and the public.

However, not long after, Kai and Krystal also announced their breakup. On June 1, 2017, Korean media reported that the two idols officially broke up after a year and a month together. A close friend of the couple confirmed that Kai – Krystal broke up with the familiar reason of many artist couples: because of their busy schedules, they did not have time for each other. However, fans argued fiercely because they thought that this was not the real reason.

Since then it has been nearly 4 years, while Kai once again publicly dated Jennie (BLACKPINK), Krystal is quite quiet in her private life. Until now, Kai – Krystal is still the only couple being romanced on April Fool’s Day, proving that not all shocking information given on this day is just prank.

On January 1, 2019, Dispatch reported on the dating of Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Kai.

April Fool’s Day this year has not ended yet, perhaps Kpop fans are also very nervous because they do not know if there is any more shocking news.

Krystal did not publicly date anyone after breaking up with Kai

Source: Dispatch, Internet