Disney+ to start their service in South Korea, including BLACKPINK’s The Movie and Jisoo’s Snowdrop

In the event of launching its streaming service in South Korea on Oct 12th, Disney+ revealed its content line-up for this country.

Seoul-Walt Disney Company (hereinafter referred to as Disney) held an APAC content showcase today (Oct 14th), to introduce its global and Asia-Pacific content that can be enjoyed on Disney+, as well as rich content lineup produced in each regional language.


At the APAC Content Showcase, more than 20 new contents in the Asia-Pacific region, including 18 original works, were revealed for the 1st time, of which 7 Korean contents were included.

In addition to the rich content lineup provided by Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star, consumers can meet various and unique stories presented by top content makers in Asia-Pacific through Disney+.

The newly introduced Asia-Pacific content lineup includes a number of works of various genres such as dramas, comedies, fantasy, romance, SF, crimes, and horror. From mega-series featuring popular actors to variety shows, documentaries, and animations, it consists of works with the best content creators in the Asia-Pacific region, including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China, and Australia. The introduced new Asia-Pacific content will be introduced sequentially through Disney+ by next year, and the exact timing of its release may vary from region to region. Disney plans to secure more than 50 original lineups in the Asia-Pacific region by 2023, including the contents released today.


Below are some of the Korean main contents first unveiled at the APAC content showcase that are worth following for K-Pop fans.

  • Running Man: Playing more than Running: As the first official spin-off program of Running Man, original members of Running Man such as Kim Jong-kook, Haha, and Ji Seok-jin will present new and fun games every week with new star guests.
  • Snowdrop: A romantic melodrama scheduled to air this year and is highly anticipated as it features Jung Hae-in, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, and the production team of the 2019 hit drama “Sky Castle”.
  • BLACKPINK: The Movie: A documentary film commemorating the 5th anniversary of BLACKPINK‘s debut, a world-class Korean idol group, can only be found in Disney+ and movie theaters.
  • Our Police Class: A drama about the love and challenges of young people against the backdrop of a police university, and is K-pop star Kang Daniel‘s first acting debut.

Source: Hankookilbo

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