DinDin: “The female doctor said she was my fan while cleaning after my colonoscopy” (“DNA Mate”)

In MBC’s entertainment show “DNA Mate,” which aired on Jan 1st, the Jo Twins (Jo Jun Ho and Jo Jun Hyun) went for a urology test.


After finishing the unsedated endoscopy, Jo Jun Ho said, “In the future, I’ll just pay for it,” drawing laughter. Jo Jun Ho said, “A little more tissue, please. I thought I was sweating, but I actually drooled and wet my hair,” before wiping his hair with a tissue.


DinDin then shared his story, “In the past, when I went for a medical checkup, they gave me pants, but the back is ripped. It was my first time having a colonoscopy, and I was told to show my anus, so I wore it like that. The doctor was cleaning after the examination when she said she was my fan. The doctor was a female doctor,” he said, making the audience laugh.


In the same episode, Lee Kyung Kyu visited his daughter Lee Ye Rim and her husband in Changwon and went fishing together. Lee Kyung Kyu said, “Stone octopus is delicious these days. The largest octopus I have caught was in Gangwon-do. 5kg. Then I went to Alaska and caught one that was 14kg,” surprised everyone.

Source: OSEN

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