Details showing that BLACKPINK’s comeback is approaching

BLACKPINK fans are preparing themselves for the group’s new comeback album in 2020, when the members are constantly teasing the fans. 

After a long time without any plan for a comeback, BLACKPINK girls just need to upload a photo and fans can immediately expect a huge comeback.

Fans have gathered numerous details from recent BLACKPINK photos and insisted that “the day BLACKPINK makes a comeback is near”.

Jennie teased fans with a studio photo, preparing for a comeback

In the evening of April 6th, Jennie suddenly posted a photo of her appearing in the studio wearing a headset with the caption “Studio life”, which means that Jennie herself has confirmed that she is at the studio to record a new song and this is no longer a speculation from fans.

After that, Jennie also uploaded a photo of her sitting on the familiar chair of YG music producers (specifically, The Black Label), indicating that she is having a meeting with the music producers during the process of preparing for the upcoming album release, not to mention that many fans even hopefully believe that Jennie will be included in the production team for their new album.

The details through which BLACKPINK has indicated their comeback date

Not long ago, Rosé also posted a photo and fans observantly noticed that this photo was taken at The Black Label. Every time BLACKPINK appeared in the studio, fans began to stir up about a close date when they would be able to see the girls in a new music video.

Details showing that BLACKPINK's comeback is approaching

In the past month, Jisoo also uploaded photos of the dance practice room and the photographer was Lisa. It can be seen that the girls are in the process of completing their music projects for 2020. The meeting between BLACKPINK and Ariana’s music producer have not shown any signs yet, maybe this comeback will be a full album containing the most surprises.

Details showing that BLACKPINK's comeback is approaching

With the complicated situation regarding the ongoing Covid-19, BLACKPINK will probably postpone the plan. However, the girls just need to give a signal of a comeback and fans will definitely be ready to wait for their explosive return. 

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