Details of “Meteor Garden” actress’s scandal 10 years ago revealed by a witness: “Not only a self-suicide case”

Actress Yoon Ji Oh – the witness of the case and former friend of actress Jang Ja Yeon – has revealed why she did not publish 31 powerful names in the blacklist of the past.

Actress Yoon Ji Oh is a friend of the late “Meteor Garden” actress Jang Ja Yeon, who directly witnessed the scene of Jang Ja Yeon being abused by high ranking officials and now testifies to help her friend turn over the case after 10 years. She is also the only person to see the list of 31 powerful characters Jang Ja Yeon left before ending her life. On March 15, Yoon Ji Oh together with an organization for women held a press conference at the Sejong Performing Arts Center in Seoul. At the conference, Yoon Ji Oh stated: “Jang Ja Yeon’s case is not a mere self-suicide case.” In this case, the case will be extended for another 25 years. 

In the latest post on social networking site on March 16, Yoon Ji Oh suddenly revealed shocking details in the suicide case of Jang Ja Yeon. She captured the screenshot of the actress Lee Bo Young’s line in the film: “It is difficult to punish those above the law by law”.

Yoon Ji Oh burst into tears when talking about the case at yesterday’s public press conference

The letter of Yoon Ji Oh is as follows:

“You say that we should prioritize people, am I not a person? I’m sure many people know that I’m facing great risks. It’s easier to disclose secrets than to keep them. For 10 years, I only revealed everything to the police and prosecutors and I was extremely cautious when mentioning the name of the deceased, I never avoided the number 13 (Yoon Ji Oh submitted testimony about the case for 13 times but was rejected), no, this is the 14th time, I never avoided the investigation and I will continue to coordinate with the upcoming investigation.

Now the public and the media are focused on the names mentioned in the list (the blacklist exposing 31 high-level people that forced Jang Ja Yeon into sex in the past). I’m not exposing those names not because I want to protect them but to be more prepared for the upcoming testimony as well as for the long-term war that can end anytime.

If I sue them, they will quickly turn me – a witness – into a suspect of defamation and they have complete power to do it. And I don’t want to waste my effort on them without getting any results. They have too much money, why do I have to do that?

I’m sure the press is always the same. Who are they? Who is listed on that list? Instead, can you sacrifice and be responsible for my life? I despise some media and reporters that are only worried about reporting the news with shocking titles and not actually reporting the situation.

The witness is not the one who should reveal the names on the list. It is important that the details can reflect and help the re-investigation process, exposing the crimes or what has not been revealed in the previous investigation.

It is true that I need the press even though they don’t care about my safety and responsibility. Why? Because they report about the perpetrators that are using tricks to hide the truth that they have been hiding until now. This is not an easy decision for me.”

Sources: k14

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